Want to burn .mpg and .avi files to watch as a (standalone) dvd movie

ok i have a friend who has .mpg and .avi files and wants to burn them to watch as a dvd movie, as in works in dvd players, i know Nero can burn dvd files but i think it has to be in .iso or .bup or soemthing like that i forget the formats anyway, is it possible to convert mpg and .avi into those formats? and if so what program would i need to do so? please i’ll pay $10 to the man who can answer my question with the answer im looking for, seriously i’ll pay you if u accept paypal :smiley:

You need authoring software, such as TMPEG Plus and TMPEG DVD Author. The first converts your source video to dvd compatible mpeg, and the second takes that mpeg and converts it to the dvd structure. The hard part is encoding into the dvd compatible mpeg, it can take some time, authoring is a lot quicker. Then after authoring you can burn your files with nero.

How to convert a DivX / AVI / ASF / MPEG1 to VCD

Also there is DVD-Lab here that can also author a DVD without re-encoding (if the files are VCD or SVCD) have a look here as this will save a lot of time and trouble.