Want to burn many video files on one dvd



Hi there,

Heres the situation:

I wanted to burn about 50 .avi/.wmv files of a television program on one DVD. Read a couple of guides on DVD authoring and decided to use DVD Flick after failed attempts to create a DVD from Nero(using the create Data DVD option). but in DVD Flick, i could only add 5 files (less than 90 mb each) and the space was used up. Even though it took about an hour for it to burn, the process completed and the results were good.

So I am wondering if there is someway to burn 50 files on a single DVD(its one season and i dont want it on 12 dvds). I wouldnt mind compromising on quality a little bit. Is there some way to compress the files while encoding so that every thing fits in 4400mb?

Any help will be highly appreciated…


Does your DVD player support .avi ? If so ,just burn as data and as many as you can fit on one DVD disc…Or use a DL disc for more files…
If not, then lower your video bitrate while encoding and set to a desired size…Keep in mind that you WILL be sacrificing quality by lowering…IMO,4hrs of video on one SL disc is the max I would use…
Use a Bitrate calculator to help you…


You say your 50 files are less than 90mb each? That is [B]extremely [/B]small for television episodes in avi or wmv. Which codecs are used on those files? Open an avi and a wmv with MediaInfo to find out.

Some dvd players will play avi files without conversion, especially those encoded with xvid or divx codec. If you have such a player, you’ve got a shot at getting all 50 on a dual layer dvd (assuming your 90mb figure is correct). Converting to mpeg2/dvd-video format, I don’t believe there is any way to fit them onto one disk.


Tonee1 :
My DVD player supports divx and avi files but i have tried burning it as a data disc and it still didnt work.

The 90mb files are all avi or wmv files. And my dvd player cannot read them when i burn a data disc with all 50. it reads when they are only 5 files in the dvd-video format which i burnt using dvd flick.


Try Nero 8 It Will Down Size The Content For You Also You Nero Vision If You Did Not Cos I Burn More Than 50 Titles(game Trailers)