Want to burn avi to disc without recode

hi guys can anyone help me i want to burn avi directly to disc without using recode cause it takes so long to recode to dvd can nero do it and how thanks

if you want to burn them as data so you just have the avi files on the disc then use nero burning rom.

if you want them to be playable even on standalone players that do not read avi files (IE if you want them to be recognized as a DVD-VIDEO) then you have to recode the files to DVD.

"Nero Recode 2 is a new program for copying and archiving non-copy-protected DVD-Video titles onto 4,7 GB DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW or DVD-ROM discs."
According to this sentence (from Nero’s site) Recode is not the application you want.

It takes time because it re-encodes video from DVD VOB files (Mpeg2 family) to the same at higher compression rates, but considering all the operations it has to perform its quite fast if you use a reasonable machine. No comparisson to the times just 3/4 years ago, when it would be running for ages.

If you want to enconde from avi to Mpeg2 to DVD it is natural it will take longer.

Quality depends on compression and is time consuming when you want the better.
But you have other file formats you can use, depending on you reading equipment: as VCD (Mpeg1, close to VHS quality at the most), DiVx or Mpeg4 (those can offer quality that comes quite close to DVD if you use small screens).

Within Nero you have to look for NeroVision Express 3 that can do DVD, VCD, SVCD (uses Mpeg2), miniDVD (same as DVD written to CD) and Nero’s own format - Nero Digital (for the mom only one manufacturer offered a compatible standalone player).

i assumed he was using recode as a verb…as in recoding the avis to dvd with nero vision express.

otherwise, you’re right. nero recode doesn’t recode anything haha…it’s actually a transcoder

thanks for the help guys :clap:

So the best option for avi to dvd is to recode the file first?