Want to burn a bunch of files onto a CD/DVD using a DOS Shell command with NeroCmd

Hi - I am a newbie who wants to know if it is possible to do the following.

  1. Compile a DVD / CD with which contains a bundle of files (typically no more than 20 files in a single directory) using a DOS command rather than use a GUI (like Nero) or similar.

  2. Once the files have been prepped - burn the disk using something like NeroCMD

The intention is to automate the process of backing up a bundle of files on a daily basis to DVD/CD using a series of DOS shell commands in Windows XP.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.



XP is NT (New Technology) it has no DOS (Disk Operating System) in it whatsoever (except the bootdisk emulator you can make) - do you mean an NT Command Line Prompt burning app? I don’t think Nero can but if it supports that Nero is the one to ask - if not you need to use a command interface and to do that you’ll need to ask the guy/company who makes it.

I do my automated backups on tape and no DOS or Command Line Sets needed all software and task manager based, not sure what you are trying to do here?

If you are on DOS or using a DOS Shell Emulator and I am misunderstanding you, then you NEED to find a DOS based burning app, CD DAO had a DOS source code around, try looking over at sourceforge.