Want to Backup a copy protected CD I own?!

I have a PC software CD that I purchased and own. It is basically a plugin software addition for Acrobat 5 on a PC (not Mac). The CD is required in the drive in order for Acrobat to “verify” it when Acrobat starts up, then the plugin will run.

I’ve tried to make a copy of the CD for backup purposes, but the backups I’ve made, won’t verify and run the plugin.

I’ve tried making a copy on my Mac using Toast 5, and I’ve also tried making a copy on my PC using DirctCD copy wizard…

I’m sure that there is a way to make an EXACT duplicate that will verify. I use this software on location on my laptop, and I’m not comfortable carrying around the original CD which could be stolen.

Can someone give me some ideas about how to figure out how this CD was burned and what I need to do to make a verifiable copy.