Want to Back-Up Jewel Quest with CDCheck Prot

I’m trying to back-up Jewel Quest @2004.

I have CCD4, CCD5, IMGBurn, Nero 6, Nero 8 and Alcohol 120%.
I have a BenQ 1650 sold under another name but with a BenQ label on it’s top. I don’t know if it has BenQ or OEM firmware.
I have a Lite-on sold as an I/O magic.
I have an 18x Samsung that’s not installed.

A-Ray says there’s no prot.

ClonnyXXL says there’s either no prot or it’s an unknown prot and lists SEVERAL skulls. The more skulls the tougher the prot.

BurnOut says it’s protected with CDCHECK.
What does CDCHECK to?
Does it check if it’s a dupe or just check that there’s a disc in the drive?

After installing from the original disc and launching the game, my firewall informed me that Jewel Quest wanted to access the Internet. I denied it access.
The next day I found that I could play the game WITHOUT the disc in the drive.

Google lists little info on CDCheck prot and many on another program CDCheck which verifies/recovers data from damaged discs.
I did find a forum link to one user who …

… made a good back-up with CCD’s default game or protected game profile, I forget which.
… could NOT make a good back-up with CCD’s standard profiles nor CDF’s version 4 profiles.
… made a successful back-up with a securom profile. I forget if he specified which securom profile.

Cdcheck is only a simple check if the programm is launched from cd, or if the cd is in the drive. (BurnOut only reports if programm COULD be “protected” by a cdcheck and not if it is)
Do not only scan the cd, but also the installation directory and if you find nothing, it could be that the disc is really not protected.

Thanks, gf7.
Thanks for creating a great utility.
I didn’t see the File Scan in the drop down menu last night.
I saw it in tutorials but not on mine.
It’s there today.
I scanned the exe and all the dlls.
SDL.dll: could be CDCheck

I found a CDCheck “patcher” online.
I believe it patches the exe file so that it doesn’t check that the CD is in the drive.
However, I am able to play the game WITHOUT having the disc in the drive.
When I start the game, my firewall indicates that the game wants to contact iwin.com.

[QUOTE=Parato Optimal;2040451]
However, I am able to play the game WITHOUT having the disc in the drive.
So, it is likely that there is no protection on the disc. The online activity could be because of an update check. If you don’t know why the programm is contacting this server and it’s working without, deny access to the inet.