Want new DVD Writer need advice

plz guide me which dvd writer to buy

I want to go on for dual format drive

Liteon Dual drive (4x or 8x writer Which one i want liteon 8x)
Sony DRU

i mainly burn Xbox and ps2 games mostly DVD’s

plz guide me which one to buy . I am more interested in liteon 8x but is it worth getting it ??? or shall i got for the other drives

I too am interested in purchasing a DVD Writer this holiday season for myself. I also want to back up my Xbox and PS2 games.

Which writer is best for this sort of burning needs. I have considered Plextor, TDK, Pioneer, Sony, Memorex, and any other drive as long it’s the best for my needs. I understand there isn’t 8X media available, but I am willing to purchase an 8X drive if it will be within the next 6 months. Are any drives on the market well known, or highly rated for Xbox and PS2 burning in particular? Compare as many as possiable. I just want to purchase the most reliable drive for my needs.

i own a plextor px-708a and it works well for me.i havent tried any other dvd writer so i cant compare,i’ll just tell you my own experience.even the crappiest media i could get would burn and play fine on PS2.burning at 8X wasnt a problem too…the games were also playable on PS2.

maybe it costs more than the others but i think its well worth the money.

Can some one recommed me the best DVD writer alive today which burn all ps2 , xbox dvd’r :confused: