Want new dvd writer but with good cd WRITTING

want new dvd writer but with good cd WRITTING, i am worried about the cd quality as i dj and back up my stuff to audio cd’s that i would like good audio quality. thanks

any suggestions?

would the pioneer d-111 be a good choice or should i look elsewhere?

No problems with the Pio111 or any other actual burner as well as long you don’t burn too fast (!) and you are using High Quality media. :wink:

The Liteon 1635S is a very good CD burner & a very good reader of dodgy media, as well as burning quite nicely.
Chef’s advise about media & burn speed is spot on.

If you check the Pioneer 110 review on this site (click on REVIEWS in the very top line of the page), it states:

The Pioneer DVR-110 can write CD-R with exceptional quality and ranks the Pioneer DVR-110 among the very best for CD-R writing.
. On the 110D review, they stated:

The DVR-110D can also write CD-R and CD-RW with very good quality, with some media (Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim) for example, the results are awesome.

While reviews only apply to the specific model reviewed, the 111 has supposedly only changed in using an updated chip set, so it would be reasonable to assume equivalent performance (although if you want to be sure, you would have to wait for a 111 review). The “D” connotes a USA model, which reads DVD-RAM, but does not write DVD-RAM (that feature being reserved for the “Asus” branded units sold them by Pioneer).

More critically, you should buy Taiyo Yuden brand CD-Rs, which are currently US$27 for 100, including shipping at www.newegg.com . These are universally considered the best quality CD-Rs by enthusiasts and professionals.

Some studies show that best results are obtained by burning at half the rated speed, and certainly no fasther than one step less than the rated speed (so 24x, 32x or 40x).

PS Other good qualities of the 110/110D are top performance on DL DVD media (both speed and quality) and fast speeds in DVD-Video ripping.

Verbatim Pastel CD-R are also the Taiyo Yuden dye and just as excellent as the TY branded ones.
BTW The ‘D’ is not just USA specific, I think it’s worldwide.

Yes, Taiyo Yuden makes CD-Rs for a few other companies. The Maxell CD-Rs that are specifically called “CD-R Pro” are Taiyo Yuden, as are Fuji CD-Rs that say “Made in Japan” on the packaging.

CMC discs are starting to look decent as well. I burn quite a few on my Plextor Premium and the burns I get from the Liteon 1693 are very close. CMC show up in a lot of labels: HP, Sony, Verbatim, Philips, and a few others. Of course TY are the best; CMC are just a good fall-back at half the price. Ritek are also very good (CD never DVD) but getting hard to find.

Where would I find CMC at 14 cents each ??


Hmmm. Recently, I bought a 50 disc spindle Verbatim Pastell for 9,90 Euro in a local store. Cheap brands like “Platinum”, “Tevion” and others are not much below than 9 Euro/50pc.
Maybe the Pastells were a bargain :slight_smile:


It is a lot harder than it used to be. You have to look for Verbatim NOT MADE IN CHINA at places like Office Max. Khypermedia made in Taiwan used to be CMC. Imation sometimes is on sale and if it is made in India it is MBI and that is also a good deal. Sometimes Quill has HP in a 2 for 1 sale. The last ones I got were Sony at Walgreens, on sale, and Philips from Newegg with another order. Some Office Max brand CDs are made in India and even though I haven’t tested them, they should be as good as the Imation. All of these have been at $12 to $15 per 100.

These days it takes work. In the old days I could get CMC for free after rebate in batches of 400.

Watch the bargain forum here on Saturdays to see Ripit’s posting of the Sunday sales. He is invaluable.

Hi, I would like to back up my findings with the great cd-r burning quality of the A10XL. In this thread @ speedlabs, I put up a test between the benQ1640 and A10XL with cheap 100ct. cake of TDK (CMC) 48x media.

I then conclude the test between the A10XL and my Plex Premium with fuji 16x Yuden media with a C1 error difference of just 5 between the two…
here’s the link to the thread. its the 8th post down and im under same screen name.
all scans done on the plex with plex tools pro latest.

Also as far as media goes I find the MAXEL PRO 48x CD-R 25pk.@20$ are the BEST YUDENS I ever used getting totals of 1300 C1 errors across the full 80min.