Want iPad USB or SD? That'll be $29



I just posted the article Want iPad USB or SD? That’ll be $29.

Apple took some heat for not including USB or SD card slots on the iPad, but now it’s offering a solution: $29 gets you an external connector for both.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/want-ipad-usb-or-sd-thatll-be-29-27723/](http://www.myce.com/news/want-ipad-usb-or-sd-thatll-be-29-27723/)

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“I understand Apple’s desire to keep the device’s design smooth by eliminating most external jacks.”

Hey, if Saint Steve of Cupertino wants a smooth product, who are we to argue? We’re just the customers. We don’t matter at all.

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Smooth huh? I think most customers would call BS on that reasoning. Perhaps Apple is only just now adding USB & SD card support due to the lackluster demand for their “God Pad”


Typical and lame. It should be built in.

Its a small “extra” cash cow for Apple. Its not included so they can make millions of dollars when the people that need it buy it.

Will it also support USB flash drives, or only cameras ?


I honestly can;t see a reason why the Ipad does not have an SD card slot except for Apple’s obsession for keeping control


You could’ve put BOTH ports on the SAME connector for $29… everything Apple results in a RIPOFF to the conumer! You fools keep lapping it up lock-stock-and barrel! I would think that usb would be ideal for mounting a hard drive… though you’d be more likely to stream content over 802.11n… However, I’m not in the market for TABLET device… when my laptop dies… definitely a replacement… but no tablet. Maybe a PMP when that dies as well… both still going strong 3+ years in for the pmp, just about 5 now for the laptop!