Want DVD Burner Thats EFM Encoding capible

I want a dvd recorder that is efm capable and i was also wondering if there is any also capable of burning duel layer or over 4.7 gig to backup your dvd without speicial shrink program?

I like Asus but will look at any good ideas thanks guys.

Hi. I am very ignorant and so have no clue what EFM encoding is but are you talkin about this?


If so, I think I’ve seen somewhere on this forum about the LiteOn drive capable of this function. Sorry, I might be wrong…

As for the dual layer burners, they won’t be coming out for a while. I’ve heard that they will be released at the end of this year or early next year. But who knows.


Thankyou for the info on the duel layer burners but as for the efm ,iwant the dvd burner to do correct efm or 1 to 1 bit patterns just like the cdrw drives like the asus 5224a but the only difference is i want a dvd burner that does it instead of a cdrw burner like they say a 2 sheep burner .

Try the Liteon if you want correct EFM. I am a bit wary about Liteon’s as I have heard some negative stuff about the DVD writing. CDR writing is good aparently.