Want change Traxdata FW on LiteOn 52246S

I read a Test in German C´T, that the FW form Traxdata is better than the form LiteOn.
Can I change the Firmware with MtkWinFlash ? What is the right Syntax on DOS Prompt?

Please Help,…Thanks :wink:


so- I have done!

I Change the FW on my LiteOn 52246S (6S0C) with the FW from Traxdata Drive (VSG4).
Result: Super , this FW works mutch better with my Drive. My Target was to work with Memorex 24x CDRW. This CDRW is not so expensive how the Verbatim 24x. It cost only 12 € in German. But at Time this One is in quality not so good. It make mutch C1 Error with my LiteOn Drive -Data to Compare (same CDRW and all other Memorex will be also):

6S0C :
Nero Surface Scan
Good 54.77%, Rest C1-Error

Seek Time
Random 97 ms
1/3 102 ms
Full 158 ms

CPU Usage
2, 4, 7, 12%

Burst Rate
16526 KB7Sec
VSG4 :
Nero Surface Scan
Good 70.42%, Rest C1-Error

Transfer Rate
Start 19.37x
End 41.38x
Average 31.48x

Seek Time
Random 92 ms
1/3 99 ms
Full 151 ms

CPU Usage
2, 3, 6, 11%

Burst Rate
21547 KB/sec

I Think this Traxdata is mutch better for my LiteOn Drive.


o No…
I forgot this Data for LiteOn-Firmware 6S0C:

Transfer Rate
Start 19.35x
End 32.56x (break down by 70 minute =ca. 88%)
Average 31.05x


Originally posted by Hansjo
Transfer Rate
Start 19.35x
End 32.56x (break down by 70 minute =ca. 88%)
Average 31.05x

And here’s one of my babies - LTR-48125W :

Start 22.11x
End 48.59x
Average 36.96x
Type CAV
Elapsed Time 2:39
Speed:22-49 X CAV (36.96 X average)


Where can I find the TraxData firmware ?

Originally posted by ShortMan
Where can I find the TraxData firmware ?
Some stuff can be found @ the firmware page


First You must DL the Traxdata Firmware. Then extract the Bin-File with Litefirm 2.0 in it. Second Write the new FW with MtkWinFlash on you Drive.

Disable DMA, Run at Start-Execute/type Win-Program MSCONFIG and temorary disable background Progs how CloneCD,Alcohol 120% and other. Reboot the PC then you have no Problems.


I think that there must be something wrong with their study. Many of the recent firmwares available for Traxdata drives actually come from TX, or Think Xtra which is a spinoff of Traxdata. Traxdata and TX are not the same. The newer firmwares from traxdata.fr (a TX site) are just sloppily modified Lite-ON firmwares…

Maybe but The Results are difference, and speak vor the VSG4 Firmware. In the C’T Test was compare with Firmware 6S0C. May be the FW has bugs


Haha, VSG4 is one of those modified firmwares. It’s the same as 6S0C…

@dhc: There is a lot wrong in their study…they didn’t even check with identical media! C’T used to make much better tests…