Want a good reason NOT to buy Alcohol

try yhis out for size, you are not allowed to post anything negative about the software in their forum, can I prove it? Sure I can this is about securomnew

tenndevil: Until it can do it, I am not interested

[QUOTE] DragonX Yes, we can simulate that, but we only release special version for beta tester presently. After testing, if everything is ok, we will release it.

I’ve heard this somewhere else to and it has been months and still nothing

Tukisun: funny that,
seems they put nothing in it that other major software can’t do… they say tages is worthless, they say it CAN copy but they removed “such option” so we can’t verify, they say new securom works but again same story… how long before they drop this and start another project ? and you KNOW it will be a dog to keep so many versions alive… where’s alcohol 20% ???

dissolusioned down under!!!

thank you, just wanted to know about securomnew is all and the response from the board administrator and alcohol support

Pheonix:(board admin)
tenndevil , Tukisun

Please read the forum posting rules … they are there for a reason, we try not to envoke these rules but if needs must we will…

2. We require all posts to be positive, constructive, and on topic. We may delete individual posts that could ruin a good topic thread.

  1. We reserve the right to remove any topics we deem inappropriate or disruptive to our community. Please note that, from time to time, topics may be removed for being inappropriate even though your individual post in that topic may have been perfectly fine. Please do not feel this reflects badly on you.

They say Alcohol can copy simulate the new securrom, and that it is presently being tested and when ready it will be released, Now how many times have we all heard this. “It can’t do it now but if you buy it, we will be able to”, I have heard that too many times. Why didn’t they wait until the software was ready??

So if you goto to support and say it’s a piece of crap because of such and such you see what may happen.

I’ve read the above 5 times and i think your basic complaint is that Alcohol 120% future versions will probably not do what they are promising today.

That indeed might be the issue.

You are not forced to buy the product and you can evaluate it. So if it sucks now… why not wait till a new try-out versio is available.

I’m not buying all the stories about Alcohol 120% as well… i wanna see independent test results of at least 2 different independent parties. Then i might think about it.

Well there is a news item on the front page that says only DAEMON tools and ALCOHOL can emulate the new securom as you can see by my previous post the developer of alcohol says it can’t, at least not now, so the story should be changed, I would have posted but on the news it gives me a password error.


My main point about the alcohol forum is this, unless you come to rant and rave about it don’t come

I’ve been browing around it and i assume you mean this post.

Indeed it’s quite weird that they don’t allow healthy ciritcism of their own products… Maybe because most members of forums cannot have a decent conversation inside a forum nowadays (they get angry a lot , scream, shout , etc). Perhaps their time is that limited they needed such a rule


but i don’t care… its forum is a privilege , not a right , and you cannot think of it as a democracy (neither is the cdfreaks forum).

But as stated already … i want to see some independent test results first before i’d even consider buying it.

No, forums are not democracies, but to put a rule that “require all posts to be positive”, that’s plain silly! These guys obviously can’t stand critisism (or their mods doesn’t do their job :))

I don’t have any high hopes about Alcohol, until a see some independant reviews they can say whatever they want about it, I still won’t belive them…

Well, the first time I tried alcohol, it seemed quite promising. However, recent reports indicate that it can’t handle the new securom (ok, nothing else can either) but that it also can’t handle safedisc 2.8x, or at least not with a Lite-on.

In the circumstances, I won’t be bothering to register since, at the moment, it can’t handle either of the 2 major protections currently in use. That, I’m afraid, just isn’t good enough for a duping proggie.

Well they deleted some of the thread over there, but thats ok I have it pasted so I can hold them to it. They are trying to make alcohol seem to be the beat all to end all, when really all it is, is Fantom CD remade. Maybe on my site I will start a ALCOHOl sux page, post a copy of the thread they deleted so I can hold them to the securom new and the new sd2 protection emulation since they stated it could do it in beta test.

I tried Alcohol the first time when I was about 15 years old… Oh wait a minute… You guys are talking about the copy/backup software…

Even used the alcohol prgoram yet

ours is a support forum, not an open discussion forum. criticism is readily accepted as long as it’s constructive. i have deleted a few posts because the criticism was not constructive. that is stated in the posting rules that are linked at the top of the main page.

believe me, i really don’t like doing that because on any of the discussion forums i work we would never do that. i even enjoy engaging in such controversial discussions on the other forums. but as i said, this is a support forum that is hosted and paid for by alcohol software strictly for the purpose of giving out information about the product and dealing with problems and bugs. if you go to the official support forum for any other software you’ll find the same posting rules in effect.

what is really sad is that the posts that are deleted contain information that would possibly have been helpful if it had been stated another way. you of course did not include the entire posts because then it would have been easier to see the reason they were deleted.

Now you have lied, that is a complete copy and paste about the new copy protections, I did not edit them thats how they were an exact copy and paste, of course you have covered your rump because you deleted the posts, no problem. You are trying to make alcohol the be all to end all. it cannot copy the newer protections and even the emulations either work or don’t. You say they are being worked on and willl be in the next release, well guess what the next release is out and it still cannot do as stated, and even you did not justify buying the software. Yea it might do it buy it now and we’ll see? What kind of strategy is that? The fact is Alcohol offer’s nothing different than what is presently out there and you try to make it sound like it is. It isn’t.
You have released the next version and even thou8gh you said the new protections would be addressed in the next version, they weren’t! Someone needs to hold you accountable for your promises and offers.

Oh yes and unlike your alcohol forum, most have an open topic like this one here. I can see why you are afraid to have one.

i really don’t understand why you are so angry because alcohol will not do things that other software cannot do yet. all good software is a work in progress and i’m sure that all other software developers that do duplication are working on the same things. features that are in the testing stage will not be incorporated until they are proven.

i would suggest that you not use alcohol or purchase it or even follow it’s progress if it upsets you this much. i mean, it’s just freakin’ software and your health is a lot more important that that. if, by some remote chance, you have already purchased a license for this software please contact me and i will make sure that your money is refunded.

wrong again, geez, you state your software will do things it will not do, just read your own support site, we cannot question you about it because it’s not allowed, The site makes untrue statements as far as it’s capabilities, but you don’t seem to acknowledge that. It doesn’t upset me, what does is the claim that they can copy/emulate the new copy protections and it “CANNOT”, I don’t see anyone else claiming it can, only alcohol makes the claim but it is false, the alcohol forum website is deceptive period and if it’s pointed out you take offense. I have used alcohol it does nothing more than the competitors, but what they do do is say buy it now we will work on it, too many companies have made the same statement only to let the users down, but you want us to start that way. Be honest about the software that’s all I want.

and angry is not in my vocabulary, but accountability is

Calm down kamikazee… It’s really easy to bash programmers about such things. Upsetting the people won’t make your request for the promised features any easier.

As stated before , the alcohol-soft forum has some rules… and if people don’t like the rules stay the hell away. This is similar when people hate Microsoft products , but yet keep buying them… weird principle.

However i think you are right to complain IF you have bought the software because of its features and the features are simply NOT THERE. That’s the beauty of shareware/tryware. If you don’t like it… stop using it. But if you have bought it and its features do not correspond with the features you bought it for (in this case the Securom New protection ?) , then i’d demand a refund right away.
Netman has offered you that already.

Personally i think the sentence “alcohol will not do things that other software cannot do yet” implicates its a spinoff of already existing products and not a brand new invention. This can be a good thing (for instance Windows 2000 is based in Windows NT… but runs a hell of a lot better in certain perspectives) or a bad thing (IpCop versus Smoothwall).

Yet again … i will wait for at least 2 independent reviews. I do have tried the trial product and i was absolutely annoyed by the fact it installs virtual devices… I have hated that with ISDN cards , i have hated that with Infrared devices and i’m certainly hating having virtual cd devices .

independent results have shown that the latest securom can be mounted successfully by daemon-tools, fantom cd, and alcohol, using the custom mds files created by venom386 and found at the daemon-tools site. one such thread can be found here.

btw mr. belvedere, you should be able to prevent installation of the virtual devices by setting the number of virtual devices to 0 in the options section and rebooting. there will soon be a version available that will only include the burning functions and not the virtual cd functions.

Right, by Daemon tools, not alcohol, or fantom or whatever else you would like to add, the point is they cannot do it. And the mds were created by another programmer not Alcohols, or Fantoms, you make the point without using someone else’s expertise you cannot do it period and thats what needs to be brought out.

I am not in an uproar about this not at all, just don’t want people to be mislead is all, You read the reviews and they say one thing but read the website and it states another, you know the good ole truth in advertising, at least here it can be bashed around a little and the flaws and misleading statements can be pointed out, thats all.

And yes i did read the posts you refer too, and they all say the same, without daemon tools it cannot be done.

And as far as windows goes I use it as little as possible…