Want a good burn? DON'T SMUDGE IT!

I’ve not seen this covered but thought I would add my 2 cents. After burning 100’s of discs I’m firmly convinced that the easiest way to muck up a burn is to use blank media that isn’t absolutely pristeen!

Usually, I’m extremely gentle with my pre-burned media and have not had too many problems. Most problems run throughout a particular stack of discs but as far as getting that errant bad burn? Only ones I’ve seen are on discs that I’ve scratched up or smudged. No way to get a good burn off of one of those.

Does anyone else think this to be true? If your blank media gets scratched up…forget about getting a good burn. It seems to make sense to me. That laser MUST be able to burn cleanly down to the ink layer or it’s crap.

So, my advise…baby those discs until you get them burned. I think read strategies are MUCH more fault tolerant than write strategies.


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I want to know if anyone else thinks write strategies are less fault tolerant than read strategies.

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It depends how bad the smudge is, how good the burner is, and the quality of the media, surely?

I label my disks wish a special pen, but only every use it when the disk is burned. I’m very cautious with my burns…

Exactly what i was thinking.

Also the you must undertand that the read strategy is much more tolerent than a burn strategy because reading and buring are too very different things.

I agree. I had a TYG01 I carefully cleaned before burning and the resulting scans after burn were much worse than normal. The next burn on the same media was fine. Anything that interfers with the laser increases errors.

Yea. This is true and quite obvious, but the thought is that we drone on and on about drives, media, firmware, factory defects, ink quality, and burn speeds but there’s another factor some may not have considered. As noted, take very good care of the media before it’s burned. Don’t let them slide around in the drawer before you use them.

Maybe it’s obvious but I’m a little slow. It dawned on me when I tried to remove a fingerprint from a disc. Added a bunch of hairline scratches and then got a crummy burn. So, I don’t even breathe on them now before their burned.

That’s all…

I store my dvd’s, once burned in paper sleeves. But until then, I too treat them very carefully. I number the disks on the spindle, but keep them there, until after the burn.

I stored one spindle in sleeves before burning, but it just didn’t feel right buring them with a chance of paper lint on them.