Wanna meet the one and only Namoh?

Well you can! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going on a holiday from the 29th of May until the 13th of June to the Dominican Republic.

I’m staying in The Rui Hotel in Punta Cana.

When you come all drinks are on me! And I mean ALL drinks. :iagree:

While you’re coming you can also meet my (2 years younger) twin brothers.

@Marsz-=FX and Da_Taxman, after you nagging all the time to post my pic, I expect you to be there!!! :smiley:

Dat ziet er verdomme niet slecht uit? Goede aanbieding gehad?

That looks damn good!

Nope, gewoon keihard moeten dokken maar dat zal het dubbel en dwars waard zijn!! :iagree:

16 days, 5***** hotel, all inclusive!!

Everyone is invited.


Everyone? like all 120K+ cdfreaks members? :stuck_out_tongue:

And will there be free drinks and women? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, first of all… I don’t care how you look… We’ve closed that book some weeks ago…
Second, I’ am among friends during my holiday which I prefer most…

so… :slight_smile:

p.s. when you bring visitors in the resort, you’ll have to pay for them and for their drinks…

Yes, although probably only 5% are active members. :smiley:

Free drinks yes!!
Woman yes … but I don’t know if they’re for free. :wink:

5% x 120K = 6000 active members…

hmm… maybe Tax/Domi can make this invitation thread sticky in all forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, have a nice one! :slight_smile:

What happened to Cabo ??? did i scare ya off?..

… twin brothers??? did i hear that correctly…twin brothers…oh wow i’ve never…done twin brothers…

oh well good thing numbers still loves me…giggles

Awesome…I’ll start swimming now!!! :bigsmile:

Will you pay for my plane ticket? I’m a little short right now!
Can’t wait for those free drinks :iagree:

You never scare me. But it’s a democracy and it was 2 for the Dominican Republic, 1 for Cabo and 1 for Gran Canaria.

Yep, twins. :iagree:

I think I can go no farther than to Fukuoka which will cost about US$150 by sea including 2 days and nights in an inexpensive hotel, but Atlantic? :sad:

I hope they have tidied the place up since I was last there. There was graffiti everywhere that read … Debro was here!! :bigsmile:


Damn ok i can’t go my vacation is still banked

hee hee…i thought the same thing…:smiley:
think he will have a decent time without us around?

I’ll keep myself busy with some nice half-blood girls. :iagree:

So who’s coming over?

Netherlands warning!

I have to few time to translate this… (yes sometimes the boys from the governement have to work)…

he Namoh, geloof het of niet, maar je hebt me aangestoken met je Dominicaanse republiek virus. Ik heb het er al met mijn vriendin over gehad. Misschien wordt het niet de zomervakantie, maar kiezen we er voor om er in het najaar heen te gaan. Wat me wel wat zorgen baart is het verhaal van iedereen met wie ik er over praat, dat je het resort niet uit kunt. Het schijnt er nogal crimineel te zijn.

Nu vertelden ze ook van die spannende verhalen over isla margaritha, maar ik heb ervaren dat je daar zonder probleem over het eiland kunt crossen.

Jij hebt ongetwijfeld ook die verhalen gehoord en toch besloten om te gaan. Je hebt je dus verder verdiept… een lulverhaal die criminaliteit?

BTW it’s bi-racial, not half blood…

And the story about not leaving the resort is bullcrap, aslong you don’t go to the big city, which is a 7 hour drive only to get there…

Als ik maandag 20 juni om 9.00 uur nog niet hier heb gepost … is het waar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ik heb die verhalen ook gehoord, maar ik zie het wel als ik daar kom … heb me dus niet verdiept in de materie.

Back to the topic! :bigsmile: