Wanna dl movies (divx) but not from FXP/FTP check



these movies should be on a freediskserver.....did not check it myself...but try it........

<UL TYPE=SQUARE>*American Pie - Unrated [DivX]
Total Size: 670Megs
Video: DivX Low Motion - 850kbps
Audio: Mpeg Layer-3 128kbps 48,000Hz

*Matrix [DivX]
Total Size: 578Megs
Video: DivX High Motion - 4,000kbps (Note! high motion is lower qual)
Audio: Mpeg Layer-3 128kbps 48,000Hz

*Blue Streak [DivX]
Total Size: 695Megs
Video: DivX Low Motion - 900bps
Audio: Mpeg Layer-3 112kbps 48,000Hz

*5th Element
Ripped information is unknown

this is the site who has all the credits!



Again i didn't check if it worked if not i delete this thread!