Wanna be a baby?

As you all have read in this particular thread, Sexy Southerner wants a baby.

Any volunteers? :slight_smile: Do you have what it takes to be a healthy baby for her? :slight_smile:

Why not. Only if breast feeding is included ofcourse. :rolleyes:

sure if I could select my own “mum” so a quality breast was a fact :smiley:

Breast feeding is a requirment…every 4 HOURS… :wink: at least

Only if breast feeding is included :iagree:

only if breasts were included, matter of fact ill take the pair right above me :iagree:


2 instead 4… makes 12 times a day and at least 30-60 minutes each time which would leave you alone barely for rest and sleeping. Get younger babies. :bigsmile:

you would now this for sure :iagree:

hmmm I really wouldn’t like to be a baby, but the breast thingie sounds tempting… (there should no milk be involved btw, I hate milk)… IF I can choose the breasts of course…

Not the baby, but the Daddy :smiley:

I can’t feed milk to my baby. :disagree:

hey we got off track here…we are talking about ME aren’t we???

hee hee and DN…no worries mate …

worries about what?

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:
I still whine. Especially when the breasts get taken away. :sad:

I always turn into real mess at strip joints. :o

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

My sons breastfeed about hmmm 1-2 years… but me… with the same pair… over 11 years and counting… :bigsmile: no milk involve ofcourse. :stuck_out_tongue:

You little devil. :wink:

No I know but you still have to change the dipers like a every 30min ore somethinig and you been the DADDY would know a bit of that smelly job :iagree:

Do you change diapers so often? I usually change them less than 10 times in a day. It’s nothing smelly, just as natural and automatical as eating or sleeping.

Hm… I’d better order more Huggies. I’ve used many other brands, all cheaper than Huggies, but Huggies diapers seem to be best for me.

If you love a baby you must also love the work that comes along with it … And that avatar of yours Kenshin of the baby and a santacap is just a hearthcrusher :smiley: … for having firsth hand experience with babys I have NADA ZIPP ZERO = 0 … I dont have have a kid yet ... maby cuz Im only 23 :slight_smile: ATM I don`t even have a girlfriend … ehh Hello Sexy_Souther :smiley: