Waneer is die layout klaar van mp3freaks?

Ik wou ff weten waneer dit klaar is, omdat ik nu nog bezig met de originele site…En ik alvast wou beginnen met mp3freaks…
bye the way… vandaag zijn er weer 4 albumz geupload!

ik kan me niet herinneren dat er al iets definitief was… of heb ik wat gemist ?

Wat is het oude adres dan ??

oeps read the rules!

What is the old url of the site?

oohh, Ik dacht dat de redirect al aangevraagt was… of nie

ALS het aangevraagt is , zou ik de layout enzo aub al snel mogen hebben, dan kan ik die site een beetje stylish maken ya know
Ik hoef eigenlijk alleen de basis te hebben, want ik moet hem toch een beetje editen

Hope so


ps. De oude is http://gargoyle.cjb.net
Ik weet het… de layout is bagger… maarja ik zou dus beginnen met nieuwe, tot dit idee kwam…

well… domi requested the subdomain, but i don’t know if that’s all been taken care off

it will probably be me who will be doing the layout and i first have a personal project i’m working on and next domi and i have got this -great- idea we’re trying to realize

so will at least take a few (3-4) weeks…

Sorry guys, but it’s not a top priority at the moment, as soon as we’ve got the new server we will give you some more support !

I’ll try to make mp3freaks myself and I will show it to you…

What I’d like to know what kinda font and where did you make the header of Copyfreaks with?

font = verdana
header = Fireworks --> www.macromedia.com


I’m not always that fast so I finaly noticed this topic.
I just leave the layout to Duke (I’m really busy creating a new layout for prutser’s lijstje). But maybe it is an idea to put a button by Affliates (or something like that).

It is just an id. And |TheDuke| the mp3 site, is that going to be php3 or not (I guess not )

Ok, I’m talking to much (as ussual) and my english isn’t that good, So I’m quiting now (busy busy busy )


ask domi

domi just tells me what i have to create and then i do it

Because TheDuke is very busy I will try to make the site. Just a BETA…

We now have 24 albumz uploaded for mp3freaks, so It’s gonna be VERY big!

Can you please send the header of copyfreaks in Fireworks File Format (*.png)
So I can make it in that style.
Pleaz send it to Webmasta@gargoyle.cjb.net