WAN miniport (IPX) stopped working, along with wireless networking

my wan miniport wont let me connect to my speedtouch wireless on my laptop
I went into device manager and the Wan Miniport (IPX) has a little yellow ! by it, and it the problem is described as “Windows could not load drivers for this device” I think was what it said. something to that extent anyway. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, and it would not, claiming it may be needed to boot the computer. i went into safe mode and tried to remove it, only to recieve the same error message. in safe mode without networking, it does not have the error message, but safe mode with networking does. i tried to update drivers or roll back drivers, and there is no roll back, and no updated driver. if i open the wireless network card’s device properties panel, there is no conflicts or error messages, and it reports the hardware is working fine. so i think this has something to do with wan miniport IPX, because this error message was not present when the wireless network worked.

Likely just a driver issue. If it is a pre-built system, such as Dell, all drivers are available from their website. You will be looking for the system drivers or possibly just the drivers for that card. If it is a home built PC, you will need to install the motherboard drivers (assuming it is built into the MB) or just the drivers for that card. Both should be available on the manufacturers website and on the CD that came with the hardware.

You could also try loading a Restore point from before the problem began.

Aside from that, it’s possible it has simply failed.