Walt Disney CEO 'true believer' Blu-ray format



I just posted the article Walt Disney CEO ‘true believer’ Blu-ray format.

Walt Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger said to several analysts that he still believes in the HD format and thinks that the format’s current household penetration is “modest”. Currently we…

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Of course. Imagine you want to get someone a movie as a gift. Will you offer it as a VOD??? The same with kids movies. Usually they watch it over and over. They actually enjoy the extras, etc. Very much doubt that VOD is the answer here.


Agree! Retail blu-ray player should be around $300 so street price will be $200 or less. VOD is not hidef. It is good enough but it is just not hidef. Once you see AND hear hidef from blu-ray or hddvd, you will never want to see dvd for good movies. Yap I still watch dvd for so-so movies but I would find blu-ray version if possible for box office. Ofcourse if you only have small screen and no hidef sound, it wont matter. The bigger your screen is and the better your sound system, you will see major improvements between VOD and blu-ray. Especially Disney delivers DTS-HD Master Audio in most their titles. My kids know the difference between dvd and blu-ray.