Walmart employees disclose Xbox 360 price

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Video Games website is reporting unconfirmed rumors that some Walmart “associates” have gotten wind of Xbox 360 and it’s accompanying games pricing and have let it slip a…

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$299 might be before markup.

no consoles have any kinda of retail markup. The price the companies announce is the price that retailers have to sell at (unless special packaged). I remember working at sears and being told that they barley made 1 dollar off of each dreamcast/playstation and if you bought the system with employee discount or something they actually lose money. Hell we had employee discount days where everything electronic is 10% off ontop of the 10% off we already got off and that becomes a big loss. But of couse like the manufacture everybody makes there money back with games. Xbox console has never ever been in the black it’s always a loss to microsoft each xbox they sell.

If the Xbox (classic) and PS2 were any indication, retail pricing will probably be closer to $399 or $499 once they add on the introductory game/controller bundle. I don’t know if they were doing this in the USA, but in much of Canada, for nearly a year and a half, there was zero chance of getting any of the big name stores to sell you a “naked” console, and almost a year before you could get one from any other stores.

It was the same in the UK with the XBox, where you could not buy one anywhere, unless you got an extra controller, memory card and 5 games bundled with it. Looking into it at the time, it is simply a case of the shops trying to make any sort of money. The consoles themselves sold with no margin, and even with all the bundled stuff, the profits were only small. I’m going to wait for a little while before my next upgrade as I really don’t need another steering wheel, sideways stand or DVD remote control cluttering up my already crowded room.

this is what I am not getting. I have already Pre-Ordered and paid for my Xbox360 from GameStop, I paid $299.95 (plus tax and $59.95 for the Gears of War). I have read a lot of sites talking about this like its some cool news.

Xb0x0r will r0x0r? We shall see! :d

“The $299.99 price point hardly appears to be out of the bounds of possibility and suggests a pound/dollar equation when Microsoft’s next-gen format is launched upon UK shores later in the month.” Once again it seems like gamers here in the UK will be getting a raw deal. :frowning: At present $299.99 is just under £170, though it is most likely we’ll have to cough up £299.99 for the console.
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Nice price.

I doubt very much they will charge UK customers £299.99. Mainly because of the massive amount of import models, only supporting NTSC, leading to mod chips/pirate copies being used. I would guess that it would be £199.99 in the UK.