Walmart Cell Phone - Walmart straight talk? Best unlimited phone plans?

What are walmart phones and what is walmart straight talk? I was looking to get the best unlimited phone plan and then I heard something on walmart straight talk and walmart phones but I could not find what it was exactly.

And should I go with a Sprint unlimited plan of 70 bucks, or should I take the AT&T or the Verizon unlimited plan? sorry for being n00bish my first phone plan

It’s enough now. :cop:


I got my wife to change to straight talk, $30 a month plan. She likes the service. It’s on Verizon’s network BTW. Not a large selection of phones available and they are not cheap. I myself really only need a cell phone in case of emergency so I went prepay though Boost which is on the old Nextel network unless you go with a Smart phone then its on Sprint’s network. Cost’s me less than $10 a month as a $20 card lasts me 3 months. So my wife can talk and text her head off and I have a phone in case I break down on the road all for less than $40 a month. BTW we were with Verizon for years and it was costing us $90 per month for 1000 shared minutes.