Walmart: $2 per DVD or Blu-ray you already own for a digital copy



Walmart: $2 per DVD or Blu-ray you already own for a digital copy.

[newsimage][/newsimage]In order to allow consumers the ability to digitize their DVDs and Blu-rays, Walmart and the UltraViolet Digital Rights Management (DRM) system have combined to offer a Vudu pay-service.

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No thanks. I will make a digital copy myself, even if i have to prop my hd camcorder in front of my own Tv to record it. Actually already tried it and it looks great, especially when its only being played on a 7" tablet.

Now, recording my own tv is not illegal is it?



I dont see any reason why someone would want to do that, Many free tools out there that can do the same thing, and without the DRM.


No No Studios you don’t get my money but I’ll get your content :slight_smile: keep making it accessible in higher quality.


ugh I don’t even use the free digital copy that comes with the bluray.

If I need to play it on a portable device, I’ll get a non-drm’d source that uses a standard format.


Vudu movie service is expensive cause your paying per movie renting something you’ll never own it’s stored on a cloud based system on their end so if they up and decide to go out of business you might not ever have access to the cloud services even if I was going to pay I’m not at all sold on this business model and or idea. Netflix and Blockbuster have more flexible business models as you can rent many dvd’s and blu-rays for one small monthly fee good value.