where can i dl different wall papers from?

please list some good sites if you know of any

and they can be of an adult nature too :cool:


there might be zillion websites of it.

Here you have one.

Here is another one.

For tons of scene drawings visit www.scene.org or www.ojuice.net.

Type in “computer wallpaper” in google and you should get a million sites. Its not that hard.

How about a CDFREAKS wallpaper? :slight_smile:

DesktopGirl is a favourite of mine

NOTE: girl, not girls…www.desktopGIRLS.com is full of ads and crap.

thx Huzzy


These have much more than just wallpapers… And they are normally very ‘artistic’… :slight_smile:

Here is another good one, it has a few pop-ups though. :frowning:

Absolutely the best!!!:cool: :smiley:


ENJOY!:bigsmile: :wink:

Originally posted by UpTowN
How about a CDFREAKS wallpaper? :slight_smile:

In the “good” old days there was a contest on cdfreaks.

You had to make a cdfreaks related wallpaper and then you could win warez cd’s with it.

Maybe someone has saved all those wallpapers and could get them back up.

The only one I could find back was this one

I can’t remember who made it?

Oh man I remember that