Wall O Media Post Your Pics Here!

I just got in my latest shipment of dvd media and put in up on the wall and i thought it was time for a picture.

in the back are 1150 cds
on the far right is 150 cmc af1 -r and 25 tt02 tdk -r
the black and white stack is 450 prodisc r02 +r
the second from left is 125 ricohjpnr00 on top of 100 mcc003
the left is 135 cmc f01 50 ritek r02 and 40 cmc e01
past that about 1450 slim cases
the cases and the cds were all free after rebate, the dvd media is a bit more costly…but most of it is less than .40 with the prodisc coming in at .20 per

i know OC has a huge media collection and maybe he will finally post a pic of it?

who’s got the better WALL O MEDIA?

post your pics and then you be the judge

You are a sick man :slight_smile:

Looks like you keep those NEC’s perty dang busy :eek:

since i got up today (day off) about an hour ago : 8. i have about 25 to do in the next 2 hours… going to be pretty close :slight_smile:

30 discs done now… time to go lift.
then 4 more after that :slight_smile: the wall is shrinking!

About 4.5TB in DVD+R and DVD-R and 0.8TB in CD-R. Equilvalent to nearly 35 160GB HDD’s? Which should cost nearly about US$3K.

As someone in the industry from time to time, I’ve known end users that buy DVD discs by the thousands to tens of thousands since 2002 and 2003. Sometimes they represent quite a big percentage of market share for small retail shops that don’t always have millions of USD in cash. They are not sick. Just different quantity (and different quality) for different purposes and different people. I don’t think OC needs that kind of walls either. For myself, I’d rather like empty and very clean walls more so that I could watch large-screen HDTV right on the wall using a projector like seanbyrne because I’m sick of them. I was more interested to see what kind of books and journals people here have at their places and read.

However, having too many DVD media at once is good since you can always give them to other good people for free, perhaps 200 discs to each.

I thought I would join in, and on the picture below you will see around ¼ of empty media that I have. The media on the picture is just some of the media that is for review use ONLY!!!


Great collection of Mitsubishi media and other good media. Should make a good wall.

And I thought that my 500disc order was a big one… :smiley:

Around 250 € of cd-r (few dvdr) I buy for around 4 or 5 people.

Watchout guys, here my big wall-o-media!

It’s not a joke, presently i have 47 dvd+r 8X Taiyo Yuden in my wall-o-media and iam happy with that!!! :wink:

ciao :bigsmile:

umm i think it should cost less than that :iagree: the cd media and the cases were all free after rebates. the prodisc r02 @500 of them was around $115 (14.99 for the first cake to see if it burned good and then 3 more for 37 ($15 coupon) and 5 more for 63 ($15 coupon) to make 115 and one as a present from a girl who i helped with some backups)
the cmc varies in price from $3 ar to 19.99 no rebate for the 25, 40, and 50 packs of it. my most costly media is the fuji branded ricohjpnr00’s they were .50 a disc and i had 300 of them up until a few weeks ago…

not sure if you mean what i have up… some yearbooks from long ago, the karma, negotiation books and the complete sherlock holmes collection…

i like to stock up. then i can go for a long time before having to buy anything and can really watch for the bargins. i am hoping that there is enough of that spin-x media in the warehouse that they dump it again b/c i would buy a whole bunch more for the scans i get.

Here are some pics from a fatwallet member (not me) that bought a ton of the Fujifilm spindles on sale:

Daaaaayum…My BB didn’t have that many. I only got 6 and help an older gentlemen get 3 MIJ. Most of the rest were MIT.

Tsk tsk.


No need for the rude pic.

I am just waiting for BB to get specials on their 50 packs. I finally found some Fujifilm DVD-R that wasn’t made in Taiwan. Although it could be Fuji’s own dye. Incidentally does anyone know how good the Fuji dyes are? I’ve heard they are supposed to be pretty good.

i only have about 250 DVD disc, 400 CD

by the way, what the propose of your DVD for??

uhhh who you talking to ???

ps added 50 Fuji TY and 100 Ricohjpnr01 and 50 mcc003 total $80

:bow: :eek: :bow:

that is a lot of blank media

only another 4.5GB x200 = 900 gig worth… not even another terrabyte