Wall e will not copy on dvd fab5



I cant seem to copy my WALL E dvd i purchased, i have the newest upgrade of DVDFAB5 platinum full version i have the path player enabled as ive seen in threads here, it shows it as 61K in size/and DVD9 only shows it at 13% so i know something is wrong, it gets read error galore so i assumeDVDFAB hasnt got all of this frigured out, what can i do??


I had the same problem then I used the free download fab4 it worked great for me hope it works for you.:bigsmile:


where can i find fab4??, i searched w/o luck


You might have a corrupt file, try uninstalling FAB and redownloading it as FAB will do this movie with no problem also you will have to get someone to send you ver 4 as you can’t dl it anymore and it might not do the latest movies. Also you might have gotten a bad press too as that happens a lot