Wall-E Region 1 DVD - FBI Logo



I purchased a copy of Wall E Region 1 on DVD, but wondering how to remove the FBI logo on the copy I think it might be a hidden title. In order to find the source of this, I ran VOBBlanker to locate the title responsible for this. I thought this would point me straigh to the title / chapter which is responsible for this logo appearing.

Its: VTS_02_*.VOB and runs for 0:00:01.15 according to VOBBlanker. No title that runs for 1.15 shows in CloneDVD to deselect. So now how do I correlate this to the chapter I deselect in Clone in order to leave it off. CloneDVD shows a lot of titles with no running time - 0:00 from 1 to 72 titles with 0:00 timeframes and zero run time then 99 on its own. I’d say its one of these.

I have attached VOBBlankers result JPG, and Clone’s title results. So if anyone can correlate the VTS_02_*.VOB file in CloneDVD so I can untick it on the copy, I can backup this movie without the FBI title.


In this case I bet it is embedded in the movie so VOBBLANKER is what you will need to use.