Wall-E Audio Sync is off by about 1 sec

topic says it all:)

i have tried angle’s 1 & 2, 23.97, 29,97, and 30fps in ps3 MP4/H.264. audio is always way off.

anyone else try yet? i have not tried version yet but will try now and update if it works.


audio syn is fine going through on ps3 mp4/h.264.

i dont know why but works perfect with this version.

maybe someone can fix?

I hear you and agree, this one is giving me a full second of audio video mismatch. I have been having problems with just about every singel DVD I convert to iTouch mpv files. I sent Ting the information, but he was unable to repeat it. Training Day was also off almost a full second. I don’t know what other information I could provide to help him, but this audio sync issue has been a uge problem for me too.