Walking Dead Season 3 region 1 variances

I’ve bought two copies of The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season through Amazon, one as a gift, and one for myself.

They were not the same.

The first copy had discs 1-4 on dual-layer DVD9 discs. I know, because I had to use DVD Rebuilder to shrink them down. The fifth disc was single-layer.

The second copy has nothing but five single-layer DVD5 discs. It also had a merchandise booklet the first copy did not have.

Is it possible I got a bootleg copy the second time? If so, the irony isn’t lost on me. However, I actually paid more for the second copy than the first.

Or do publishers release different DVD versions for some reason?

Do they have different bar codes on the packaging? Who were the sellers? Was it through their marketplace or direct from Amazon.com?

It’s quite possible that it’s a different edition and I’ve even known DVD producers even make special versions for large retailers.

Check out the barcodes as Stereodude suggests and we may be able to get the details.


Both were sold direct through Amazon. Oddly, the first copy arrived the day after I ordered it. The second copy took several days to arrive.

I only have the one with the DVD5 discs; as I said, the other was a gift, and I don’t have access to its bar code right now.

I have: 013132600901

Nothing else about this copy looks particularly suspect. The arrangement of the five discs inside the case may be different.