Walgreens price match

Walgreens in my area have some Sony DVD -R (made in Japan). Is that TY media?

Also, the lady said they do not pricematch (Sony +r and -R media on sale for $7.99, but not at Walgreens).

Has any one else found that Walgreens does or doesn’t price match?

Need more info…
Made in Japan and 16X -R media it is TYG03 taht is Exellent Media :iagree:
and Pricematch ???

Yea it was 16x (-R). They were 17.99 for 50 pack though so not a good deal if they do not price match.

Has any one got Walgreens to pricematch as maybe I just got a grumpy clerk??

That was the only good media they had. The other Sony 50 packs of DVD +R was MIT. Verbs on sale at bb for $11.99 so it walgreens will not pricematch the other sony media in the paper it is not worth it.