Wal-Mart wades into online download service at 88 cents a song

I just posted the article Wal-Mart wades into online download service at 88 cents a song.

  From Bentonville, Arkansas news is that Wal-Mart has joined forces with  Liquid Digital Media to offer a test market of downloadable music on the Wal-mart page. I've  been there, it it...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7390-Wal-Mart-wades-into-online-download-service-at-88-cents-a-song.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7390-Wal-Mart-wades-into-online-download-service-at-88-cents-a-song.html)

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Walmart is known for stronghold business practices by forcing dist. to make things exclusive and etc… They got sued for this a while back … Walmart is like the mafia.:X

Imagine the world in 20 years. Walmart’s competition is gone because of this and the consumer is left with no choice. What will Walmart do? THEY WILL F*** YOU SILLY because you, the consumer, has been going to Walmart and as a result, the competition is gone. I’m telling you, it’s already happening and unless people stop going to the damn Walmart and utilize other stores, we will be in the palm of Walmart’s hand very soon. Walmart sells crap, the lines are long, the stores are messy and most of the people shopping there are damn idiots. Why save a nickel but stand in line for 20 minutes. Besides, the women who shop in Target are definitely better looking! Sorry for the rant.

Oh yeah, these downloads will be censored as well since that is a Walmart policy. They can suck my &#.:d

doesn’t really matter to me as i don’t do music a whole lot but thought you’d be interested in knowing that the new winamp 5.0 plays the files also. i downloaded the test file 4 megs in 20 sec and played it in winamp 5.0.

Wal-Mart is crap, They hire idiots and have been known for their bad buisness practices. They tried suing this 1 website i used to visit because some1 posted some of their prices during the holiday shopping season in the sites forums.

Um, the stuff IS crap, and the people shopping there are generally idiots, buuut… The lines are SHORT compared to all other stores, and I have yet to see a Wally World that wasn’t SPOTLESSLY clean. Argue the truth, don’t make stuff up.

I will pay $2.00 a song to avoid buying from Walmart.

Spotlessly clean? Not any I been to. Oneis right next to my neighborhood. It’s never spotless but it is cheap. It’s not that you save a nickel it’s more like a dollar. I try to avoid Walmart when I can and go to Target but sometimes the price diff is to great. Trust me Walmart will be making a profit off of this or it would not be doing it. Now if the price will just drop to less than 50 cents a song I might consider buying. Walmart is satan but it’s a cheaper satan:d

more shytti compressed music. brilliant stuff. Just makes CDs look more and more like a bargain as the days go on.

Walmart censors every D*** CD. I f****** hate censorship and I can’t stand seeing 4 inches of crack everytime a shopper bends over in Walmart. The stores smell, they stock excess inventory on top of the shelves (watch out for falling objects) and YES, the damn lines are consistenly longer than any other retailer I’ve been in. It’s just not worth it in the long run. I see lots of smart ass remarks but nobody addressed the remarks about competition. They are dead on and we will feel the pain at some point. Why sell for a 5% margin when you have effectively eliminated the competition? Margins will grow for Walmart and they won’t use vaseline when they decide to f*** you with higher prices. Did I mention that they censor everything? :d:d:d:d:d:d

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Sorry for the triple post
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And ironically, as I was saying about Walmart pricing in the future, a very interesting article appeared on CNNFN today. http://money.cnn.com/2003/12/19/commentary/bidask/bidask2/index.htm

i’ve never shopped wal-mart and never will

yes walmart is the mafia.

If you people don’t believe that these large retail chains do not collude then I hope that santa has left something nice in your stocking… :X

Sheriff is exactly right and that gift he spoke of is a big, steaming pile of sh*t, just like Walmart.

And one more for you Walmart advocates: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/77/walmart.html Actions do have consequences and I hope they the folks who patronize Walmart will eventually see what they may be.

Not an advocate, but you’re an outright liar, slacker6. People won’t listen if you keep lying. Maybe you don’t like WalMart, but your general abuse of the truth and your potty mouth won’t get you anywhere.