Wal-Mart and Kmart to sell censoring DVD player

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 Citing customer demand, two retailers are coming to the rescue with a DVD player manufactured by RCA and  Thomson that has adjustable content removal. The device will use a  contraversial...
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Yes, absolutely. I have always wanted to show my kids the beautiful artistic impulses and complex storylines involved in making many of the pr0n films i have, but i was worried about the content being unsuitable. Now I can do that with no worries at all :d

Is there nothing on the technological horizon apart from apart from RFID tagging, paranoia and DRM-laced “content protection”? Sure there is - content prevention :g Great for the parent too lazy/busy to actually parent! Brilliant stuff. Let technology do it for you, because you know parenting is sooo last millenium :X Now you can ignore your kids with a clear conscience, knowing full well that technology has saved the day! :B
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Hollywood is so full of crap. Movies and TV shows are edited or “bleeped” for TV and I don’t see the artists and directors up in arms… There’s a reason people don’t want the “F” word on Sesame Street What we’re talking about is an OPTION, not censorship. The Hollywood control freaks just can’t stand someone else making ANY kind of decision. Reality check: everything that comes out of Hollywood isn’t “art.” Lighten up, guys. :+

Maybe someone should tell these people and Walmart/Kmart that current dvd players have rating restrictions already.

Well most 7 to 10 year old kids will just take the dvd to dads computer download a player and watch dad’s dirty movies from there, they must think kids are stupid.

Walmart… ugh… I can’t stand Walmart… Censorship is unamerican… Sadly … they further automate the electronic babysitter… Sad… thats exactly what this is… SAD

I have no problem with them wasting money marketing this. I doubt that it will be much more successful than the original DIVX players. After all, the “censoring” VCRs never did well. As far as Hollywood’s complaints, I see this as no worse than chapter skipping content as long as the player is capable of playing the movie uncensored. But like people have already said, most kids will play it on the PC or just get another DVD player (I’ve seen used DVD players at local second hand shops for less than in the last week). Or they’ll just take it to a friend’s house, download it off the net, watch it on cable, etc. Also, when the format fails, no more movies will get the rating data, so it will quickly become useless as more movies come out unless you just want to censor the initial batch. Also, the studios could release a remastered version of the movie and throw of the censor files that do exist. But if “pinheads for purity” want to waste their money on this, let them. And surprise, WalMart is selling it. The company that sells cut versions of DVDs already and basically forced the release of Star Wars ep 1&2 in Pan & Scan.
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WHAT TH’ !!..sheeesh…my parental form of censorship was…“what are those two dogs doing dad?”…“they’re playing towtrucks son”…If you don’t want the kids to watch it , don’t get it…the sexually explicit is everywhere today, selling everything from drinks to the drink factory…personally I’m more concerned about the 12 year olds prostituting themselves across the other side of town…Children are very savvy today (more so than me) All you can do is point them in the right direction, be there when they fall, and love them unconditionally…:X

This is genious but I think putting the censor information into the DVD bios is horrible. For startes it would need to be easily updatable (by plugging into Cat5 and dialup to a 1-800 number) because new movies are always coming out and because movies get re-released, which will have new ID numbers. Ideally this info needs to be on the disc to skip video segments and for certain audio segments. In fact I would like to see layes of protection such as swearing, sexual comments, R rated nudity and perhaps even mild non R sex scenes. IT’s not about censoring adults, it’s about your children. It’s not like the censorship is FORCED upon you, hasn’t anybody ever heard of a menu password???

Will someone please think of the children!

There is nothing wrong with a DVD play that gives parents more control over what is seen. In fact I’d love to see a DVD player that skips all the crappy commercials and FBI warnings too (auto)