Waking up an ATX motherboard

This may sound crazy, but can software still execute if a computer is:
a: Hibernating
b: Shut down

I know one can “wake up” a machine from the LAN card or Modem, but how about from inside itself. What exactly happens when a machine goes in hibernation?

A - Don’t think so. I don’t use it but as I understand it everything is “saved” to the disk so that a quick boot up can be preformed to exactly where you were with all the same folders, docs, etc open. I think once things are saved it then bascailly Shuts Down. See below.
B - Nope. Shut down is off. Nothing happening at all. Just a lump of metal.

Womble is dead right this one…Wake on Lan is an option if you want your machine to wake up if you remotely admin a machine you you want to go into sleep mode when not used.

Personally…by default i always disable APM, (advanced power managment) on any machine i build, it’s evil and more trouble than it’s worth. i set the preferences to always on, and turn the machine off “myself” when I deem it’s not in use…:slight_smile: