Wakie app - Get a wake-up call from a complete stranger



While listening to RTÉ radio, they started talking about a new alarm clock app with an interesting twist. Instead of waking up to a buzzer or the radio, this one works much like a hotel wake-up call where you receive a phone call from a real person.

Once installed and set up, you will receive a phone call from someone you don’t know to wake you up. The call is completely anonymous, so no details are exchanged and the call is cut off after 1 minute to prevent any calls going beyond a simple wake up call.

So who makes the wake-up calls? Well, the app also provides the ability to perform wake-up calls, so when you perform a wake-up call, you are put through to someone else using the app due for a wake-up call at the current time, most likely in another part of the world due to the time-zone differences.

The radio programme did some wake-up calls over the air and got through to a few people in the Netherlands, Scotland and one in Canada and made a quick interview with the 1 minute time limit. Based on what they said, some people are quite nice and of course there are the odd rude calls.

The App is available on iOS and Windows Phone at this time of checking. The Android version appears to be in Russian, so it’s unclear if its interface can be changed, otherwise chances are you’ll be woken up by someone speaking Russian. :wink:

This is the Podcast link.