I have received the following errors using Nero 5 on 2 CDRWs:
Waitqueue failed
Could not perform Endtrack
Command sequence error
Could not perform Fixation
Burnprocess failed at 2x(300KB/s)

However, when using a CD-R, the burnprocess works fine. My user has already reinstalled Nero, and I could not find the error in the help file at all.

Would anyone be able to offer any suggestions, or let me know what Endtrack and Waitqueue are and how to fix them if they go wrong?

Thanks very much!


Hi krobby, welcome to our forum!

I think the writer has problems with the CDRW discs you are trying to use. This can be due to different causes. First, I’d advice you to try another CDRW disc (the newer the better). If that doesn’t work, it could be that your writer is having a problem. This can perhaps be fixed by updating your writer’s firmware.

Try this, and if it doesn’t work, report back!

Hi again! I did try the newest CDRW available and still received the same message. How do I go about updating the firmware?


Have you installed ASPI 4.71 in XP? If so this could be the problem. v-4.57 1013 is very stable as is 4.60

Waitque (CD-R error #21) first occurred in V- it’s a rare error but the only solution is to try the version either side of the one you’re experiencing the problem with or, take a big breath and try the latest nero 5 or horror go to v-6