"Waiting for HP CD Writer 9100"

Every single time…I receive this message “Waiting for HP CD Writer 9100” and the same for my “Liton CD Rom ltn4865” and my “Hitachi DVD-Rom GD-5000” and my “Sony CD-RW CRX100E”

Are any of these supported by CLoneDC or am I doing something wrong ? I am trying to copy a playstation 2 game and I have tried quit a few differant games and get the same message.

The meesage appears after starting up CLoneCD and choosing the “read to image file” icon, selecting a the drive that contains the game and clicking “nest” button. The program wont progress from there.

Another thing, I keep reading about differant settings for CloneCD…but I cant find where to make these changes. I went to “tools” and “Setting” but theres nothing there of importance.

Please help out a new guy to copying playstation 2 games
Thank you

Ehh are your trying to copy original PS2 discs? Usually PS2 uses DVD discs and your writer/CD-ROM can’t read those and thus CloneCD won’t be able to access the drives. The read/write settings will appear once CloneCD has loaded the disc.