It does everything you need for working with all types of digital media - photos, video, music and backing up your data files. Plus it’s easy to use. :slight_smile:

:S It installed and runs fine on XP Home. It is easy to use. It has good support and documentation materials. Broad set of features functioned as expected. Able to produce amazing DVDs complete with chapter interfaces. I recommend it.

After a buggy start with Plextors version of EZ6 I downloaded Version 7. All the bugs went away. Some things it’s sort of slow at but I think it’s because the cpu is munching serious data to build these various dvd projects. Staight out cd and dvd burning of data is fine. Do yourself a favor and upgrade. It’s obvious IMHO that they are putting most of their effort into version 7 and it shows.:slight_smile:

The “Swiss Army Knife” of all photo/video editing and DVD building software. A+ for ease of use with a great all-purpose CD and DVD burning tool. :g

I tried all the other programs under $100 and this is the best bang for the buck! It has great functionality, it is easy to use and you can build some good looking DVDs with it. U can’t go wrong with EMC7.:X

I’ve found this to be a good forum to learn about CD creation tools. In fact it helped convince me to buy Easy Media Creator 7. I’m glad I did, it was easy for a novice like me to learn how to use and it does everything that I need .:slight_smile:

Totally awesome program. Easy to use and create gnarly looking DVDs.:X

:S This product rocks. Makin movies and slideshows and masterin DVDs is way cool. You gotta try it yourself and see what I mean.

:g I likes this program lots. Been using for 2 months now and it work great. I like to make dvds of home movies and pictures and send back to familys in China.

:slight_smile: I’ve used Creator 7 for everything from regular scheduled backups to editing my digital photos, to building DVDs. It runs perfect on my Dell running XP. I’ve had a great experience using it and recommend it to everyone.

:* You’ll be surprised how quickly you can start using this program and create cool projects with it. It is that easy to use and has lots of features for the price.

Unfortunatelly it can’t work with Nero’s InCD!!! What’s more if you installed EMC 7 without Drag-to -disk and you install Incd (recomended by LG for packet writing for DVD-RAM) you get a never ending rebooting. My system can’t boot in safe mode neither. Similar serious problem occurs when you try to install EMC 7 on a sytem with previously installed InCD. It’s a pity!!!

:X This is one cool piece of software. It is packed full of features, it’s easy to use and it lets me create some cool looking DVDs. I haven’t had any problems using it, but then again, I’m not using software like Nero?

:S Brilliant Suite of Software. It does what it claims it will do, plus it was easy to learn to use. The slideshow creation tool is by far my favorite module. I recommend it to all.

After using this programme the last 4 months, I would have to agree with the other postings, this is a brilliant piece of software. I use it all the time to edit photos and videos and author DVDs.

:g It’s cool. You’d be a fool not to use it.

This integrated suite of products is simply brilliant. It was quick to learn and when I had problems I simply reviewed some of the How-to videos on Roxio’s web site to receive guidance. My slideshows and videos turned out exceptional, if I do say so myself. :slight_smile:

:g It’s easy to use, it’s powerful, it produces brilliant looking DVDs and it didn’t cost a lot of money. I recommend it

:X It does it all for working with your digital photos/video, DVD mastering, burning music/data discs, etc. I’ve been using it since May and highly recommend it to everyone!

I use and enjoy all the features, but can’t live without Creator Classic…:S