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Great review G@M3FR3K!

Isn’t 85% a little high then. Something that does the bare minimum for a high price surely is no more than average - 50%? Good review though, thanks :slight_smile:

Well the111, it depends on how you look at it. If you’re into copying protections/games it’s indeed (too) high. If you just want a good writer that has good overal reading and writing speeds you can go for this writer. 85% is a decent score I think. Thanks for the compliments by the way :slight_smile:

Nice Review. Keep up the good work :+


What’s the update about?

What’s the update about? More money for Roxio, what else? They’ve got to pay for fixing all the bugs in the previous version, after all. Only when that’s done can they start fixing the new ones introduced in Version 7. This tendancy of buggy first releases has been with the product since it was bought years ago by Adaptec and has continued over the years with Roxio since it separated from Adaptec. Nothing changes. Wait for a few bug fixes before you buy this one. It’ll be ripe about the time version 8 is released. :slight_smile:


i believe the update is concerning dual-layer support

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I’ve had a great experience using this software, it’s performed as described. When I did have an issue, their tech support was good in getting email response back to me in less than 2 days. I’ve created some nice videos and slideshows and burned them to DVD. :g

I use it to capture video from my firewire-enabled video camera, storyboard my video, add transitions, create dvd menus, and burn to DVD. :slight_smile:

After reading the reviews and seeing all the awards EMC7 won, I decided to buy it and try it myself. So far so good, after using it the last 4-5 weeks I have no complaints with the software or their customer support, both are good. I’ve been able to creat some great DVDs with it.:slight_smile:

:X Creator 7 is a very good program. I use all components in it, but especially like 2 of them. The scheduling regular disk backup utility which helps keep my data safe. The other one is storyboard, which allows me to create cool slideshows that include video clips, digital photos, and audio tracks. The drag and drop interface makes it easy to edit, move things around, drop in transistions, etc. I create pro-looking DVDs with it.:slight_smile:

:g Rate it 5 smiley faces out of 5. Super program with splendid features. I learned it in a jiff and am pleased with the DVDs and slide shows I can produce with it. Excellent program.
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:X Awesome program! It does what it claims it will do, plus it’s easy to use!

I agree with you other dudes, this is a great product with loads of capabilities without costing an arm and a leg! :S

:g I’ve found it to be everything that it was promoted as. A great product with lots of features that are easy to use. I recommend it.:wink: