Waitec Jammin MP3 CD player

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Review of the Waitec Jammin portable MP3 CD player

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This app is a terrific adjunct to any burner’s suite of software. It’s just about bullet proof. I suspect the size of the download deters many on dial-up from trying it. It’s also relatively expensive to register. Never-the-less, I highly recommend it :B

I am a photographer with a portrait studio and we were back-logged with finished orders that we needed to archive and delete off of a very close to full drive to make room for other sessions … Roxio was slow and froze when using Photoshop so I bought two external firewire Sony DVD burners. Then started looking for software to burn both at the same time from different source files. Gear looks great but had problems with both the new Sony burners and the internal Sony burner, neither was on Gear’s supported burner list … made me think maybe they only concentrate on supporting what they are bundled with … maybe? Nero said it should work - I love the simple interface, but turned out coasters when burning more than one burner. Worked great one burner at a time. Padus DiscJuggler burns both at the same time from the same souce drive / different set of source files - Fast and flawless! I found it worked the fastest for me when I draged all my files to burn from the Windows Explorer instead of the DiscJuggler’s Explorer - that solved any of the problems I had. The user interface is a little quirky because they try to make it so flexible - but performance is so strong that I highly recommend to give it a try!

Tip: DiscJuggler’s display of space available/used will be inaccurate with Dual-Layer discs until you adjust Tools -> Options -> Defaults -> Image Size. To get the value for your discs, load a DL disc and go to Tools -> Device Explorer -> Extended Scan -> Medium.

Discjuggler gets that much negative votes because users do not know how to work with all that features, they just are overcharged. Typical case of RTFM. Discjuggler has one of the best writing engines there are, if so votes it - because it doesn’t copy latest game copy pro- tection than i feel sorry for such ignorance. Discjuggler is a professional burning app.

hey looks good, I want to be able to install 3-4 DVD burners in my computer tower, and burn, duplicate DVD’s 4 at a time. I send movie to my buddys that are serving in the Army in Irac. Will this software let me do that. I want to burn DVD 4 at a time with DVD burners in line on my computer. can you help me.

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