Waitec Action 8/1 (12/2003 - Lite ON LDW-851S)



I want burn some DVD media with a Waitec Action 8/1 (from 12/2003) but LiteON with last Firmware Update.
Before last Firmware, burner was bad drive because with scans gave too much errors.
Now, it goes better but PIErrors are still so much.
Someone know chipset mounted by?

First tray: Sony DVD-R 16x 4.7Gb Printable Professional Sony/DADC.
Burnt @4x with ImgBurn:


This is a scan for Fortis 8x DVD-R (MediaID CMC MAG. AE1) burnt @4x.
Scan @4x + Benchmarc.


Someone know chipset mounted by?[/QUOTE]
MediaTek. http://club.myce.com/f44/liteon-optical-drives-table-blackened2687-338368/