Waitec Action 164 = 1673?

WAITEC ACTION 164 is a clone of 1673 or what LITE-ON drive?
It’s possible to upgrade to 1693 ?

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Welcome:). I looked in the FAQs, which led me which led me here.
Your drive is a 1673…it can be flashed to a 1693…check the FAQs for info on how…

please backup your firmware before flashing with another. maybe the codeguys want to add this firmware to their collection.

I have 2 version
What’s best firmware version for this drive (LITE-ON,SONY,…) ?

JSX1, please. I finally found JSX2 on the Waitec website. :wink:

As for the best firmware to use… try them out and see which one you like. Probably the one with the newest timestamp, which in this case would be KY03. shrug

Where can i send WAITEC JSX1 firmware?
MTKFLASH doesn’t work in dos (various version). It’s start reading but is freeze at 00%.
The flash isn’t recognized correctly?

Don’t us MTKFlash unless your drive is not recognised under windows. Use the stock 1673S or patched 1693S windows firmware flashers on our site. Follow the link in my signature. Also see this page:

Re sending us the file please see this link:

Yes, i know this method.
But i try mtkflash because if my drive dead?
How can i repear without mtkflash?
Thnks. I’m going to send the original BIN WAITEC firmware.

You have to hold the eject button when the drive is reset by the BIOS, to enable MTKFlash flashing.

I’m trying SONY KY03 firmware, but the DRIVE don’t recognize any MEDIA and the light flash. Someone have the same problem?

i think u didnt apply cross-flashing … :S download Omnipatcher from Code’s site open whit it that FW and apply crossflashing it should work :slight_smile: