Waitec Action 16 with Fw. BSX1



The latest test of 16x DVD-Burners in the German computer magazine c’t (see this post at CDRLabs for a summary) found this drive (a LiteOn OEM with Fw. BSX1) to be a positive surprise.

It seems to have a cautious approach to burning speed and (for the most part) attains good quality as a result.

What I’d like to know is how this firmware corresponds to other flavours already known here. Are the strategies the same as in other versions (so that it suffices to restrict burning speed) or did Waitec code / commission their own version?


Does anyone actually have this drive? I’ve never seen one in stores or the (German) mailorder sites I frequent.




Anyone have any information?



good find. let’s hope someone steps up


Sorry, I’ve been inactive in all of the optical forums for the past few weeks, so I have missed this thread.

Anyway, we have not come across this firmware yet (at least, I don’t think we have)… We think it’s based on the BS0H firmware…


Thank you for the information! :smiley: Because of the way c’t does the writing quality tests (at the maximum speed a drive will write to media), we don’t normally get information at lower, less problematic writing speeds.

If the Waitec firmware is indeed only slightly modified from a LiteOn version, this indicates that 8x burning should be very good on a number of media types, even when low level measurements with an AudioDev CATS system are made. :wink: This confirms what I’ve been seeing with KProbe scans for my SOHW-1213S@1633S (BS0S at present).



A few days ago I found and downloaded BSX2 on a Italian Waitec website. It’s a scrambled firmware and OmniPatcher doesn’t allow me to look into it, and I cannot find an unscrambled version. I wonder if there is anybody using this firmware? The file is dated March 22, 2005. Could it be a alternative to BS0S (because of the newer date)?

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Need an unscrambled firmware? FlashFix, flash, and dump. It’s crude, but it works.

As for BSX2… despite the newer date, it doesn’t seem to be much different than BS0S.


@ code65536

Thanks, maybe I will try it out. As BS0S seems to be the last firmware for the 1633 I thought maybe BSX2 could be an alternative. This quote made me curious:

I was hoping someone is using this firmware and would share his/her experience…
BTW, I’m using CS0P now and it runs fine. But somehow I think it’s weird that LiteOn so quick forgets it customers.

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This quote made me curious

It is most likely that they just got a good drive. The OEM firmwares, except for different names and various trivial customizations, are the same as the LiteOn firmwares upon which they are based, and it is unlikely that an OEM firmware would work any better than the particular LiteOn revision upon which it was based.


@ code65536

Well, maybe better to stick to CS0P then. We are lucky to have the opportunity to use so many firmwares thanks to the tools you and C0deKing developed and provided to us!
It good to have you back :bow:

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