Wacht out. Trojan horse (virus) at CDfreaks.com

Pleae be carefull. My virus scanner picked up a virus in a script from CDfreaks.com

I may be mistaken but it pops up only with CDfreaks.com

Please look into this. I have a screenshot that i can mail to you. Just give me an email address.

Here is the info:

infected by virus: TrojanDropper.Win32.RunMe

I have just received the message that one of our advertising agencies is running an advertisement with auto downloads, we’re currently looking into this with them. More sites have complained about this advertisement so I hope it will be removed soon.

Today, one minute before i type this, i get another warning from my virus scanner. The same trojan is popping up again. Can you make sure this will not happen again. I can’t believe that CDfreaks wants trojan horses on everyone’s pc.


Hmm , nasty little one