Waarom doet de [img]...[/img] het niet in signature?



Zie thread!!


First of all:
English here please. Dutch can be spoken in the two language specific forums.

Pictures in your signature has been disabled to save loading time for those unfortunate modem users amongst us (glad I am not one of them :wink: ).

On the previous forum signatures weren’t even allowed at all, so there is one improvement that they are allowed now.
But to prevent people from loading big graphics as signatures and thereby increase loading time, this feature has been disabled.

2 (maximum 3) lines of text should be sufficient I would say and links can be done in a subtle way (even if the link directs to a lame and outdated site like mine :wink: ), though remind you that referral programs and pyramid schemes are not allowed and will be removed…


Well Tax, first of all sorry for the language, I had already forgotten about that.

Thank you for making it verry clear to me, as always :wink: