Waah! Problems with beginning of disc!

Evertime I burn a DVD, it starts to make loud thrashing noises at the beginning and at some points the dvd-drive stops spinning. After burning, if I look on the reading side of the DVD, I can see gaps between where the DVD should start burning and where it actually starts burning. This happens twice per dvd so it kind of looks like this |||-|||----------------
||| represent gaps and - represents burn area.

Using CD-DVD speed, the beginning of the disc looks horrendous. I am using a Sony DW-D56a which I know is a questionable burner and DVD-R with ProdiscS04 ID. I don’t have any other DVDs to test this out with but I will be getting some soon.

Does anyone have a clue as to why this happens?

Try it with some better media. If results are similar, try Sony’s self drive test for this burner found on there website.

Well I have no problems burning CD-Rs, so I still need to get my hands on another brand of DVD-Rs. Or is it possible that my Nero is broken?

And self drive test? I can’t find any support for my DVD burner. It’s a slimline made for laptops and nothing of the sort comes up on the Sony website.

Upon further inspection, the reading side of every DVD-R has a strange halo that looks like a fault in production, about .5cm from where the dye starts. Its very thin, but it is problematic enough to confuse the DVD burner when first trying to access the disc. So what the burner actually does is skips over .5cm of dye, then skips the halo line, then skips a bit more before actually beginning to burn. Only 95 more of these to go through :sad:

Hmm, frisbee time?

You’re using DVD-R. I checked my blank DVD-R, and all the discs have this ring so I think all -R has this ring. Unlike DVD+R that can be swithced to diff type like “DVD-ROM” using bitsetting for compatibility with DVD players, -R has this ring for compatibilty with DVD players hence cannot be switched using bitsetting.

Oh I see. Thanks scarfaceal. I was getting a little worried there :doh: But just to be sure, can anyone else with DVD-Rs confirm this?