W7, 64-bit. AnyDVD, DVDdecrypter, DVD Shrink



For years I have been using the following process:

Decrypt with DVD Decrypter
DVD Shrink to process it if needed and call ->
DVD Decrypter to burn

Works. Well. A few years ago I added AnyDVD to the picture to help decrypt for the newer movies out there. So, I have that running in the system tray and still use my old process.

I really like this process. Removes all of the “Warning” screens from my movies, removes the trailers, removes all the restrictions on when I can fast forward and goes right to the DVD Menu when I play it. Love it.

I have been doing all of this on a 32-bit machine (first XP, then Vista, and now W7).

I need to upgrade the RAM on my Home Theater PC to handle more tuners. I upgraded and W7, 32-bit will only see 2.25 GB of the 4 Gig. The solution is to upgrade to W7, 64-bit.

Will my applications and process still run if I moved to 64-bit. Will I be able to run DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink without any problems?

If I have to I’ll buy DVD Clone from Slysoft. The money isn’t the issue… functionality is. Heck, DVD Clone might even be easier to use. I don’t know. But I don’t want to lose any of the features I currently enjoy… stripping out the FBI warning, stripping out the trailers, letting me access the menu and skip whenever I want, etc.

What do you guys think? Use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink in W7, 64-bit? Will it work fine? Or is it time to upgrade to DVD Clone. And if I do… will I lose any of those features I mentioned?

Thank you very much for your time.


AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 is ideal, but all that you have will work fine on a 64bit machine, I am using alot of different proggys but I know they work.


Ah, so you like CloneDVD2 better than using Decrypter/Shrink?
Honestly I don’t really shrink anything these days, I use DL media. But it helped with the other things.

I’m willing to give CloneDVD2 a try. I just don’t want to give up the features/benefits that I have now.

Thanks. I feel much more confident about replacing W7, 32-bit with W7, 64-bit on that machine.