W2K - Nero Ultra 6 INCD problem

Nero 6 updated ultra. INCD is installed but after formatting a Memorex,
or any other R-RW Media disk,
when a file is dropped in to the INCD drive
INCD won’t write to it, a massage pop up that says the “disk is write protected or other application is using it”,
I scanned for viruses and there are none on w2k.
Spyware, and bugs are not present as well,
w2k, DM say that the SONY DRU R-RW DVD 510a, the device is working properly,
in my computer the drive is listed as INCD drive and that is correct,
it show the disk size,
but not the available free space of a empty and formatted R-RW disk,
or as for example:
In wxp pro (Same Rig different Partition) and the same Nero 6 ultra updated version,
INCD is doing it’s job writing to R-RW media and my computer show the free space available of the R-RW Media.
Now back to W2k is there a known problem with w2k INCD and how does one fix this.
Every thing else in Nero works PS: I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled INCD and it still won’t work