W2k default email client

Somehow my W2k pro has lost its setting for the default email client. I am using Outlook 2000. I’ve searched the internet but could only find solutions for Outlook express. Anybody any idea?

Hmmm… nobody knows an answer? :confused:

You don’t have SP3 then? :bigsmile:

Anyway, all you need to do is go to the Internet Options and under “Programs” you’ll see the selections for default email client.

If your email client isn’t listed then you can specify it in the file types dialog, under Folder Options, it’s the “URL:MailTo Protocol” type, under file extensions “NONE”. You can also access the information in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto\shell\open\command

Wow, your answer actually give me some possible solutions I couldnt’ find on the internet! Thanx for that! Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Your first solution I already tried myself, your 2nd and 3rd solution don’t work because the associations are properly set…

Somehow this problem is not only related to Outlook but to my complete Office environment. When I click the Word shortcut, or a Word document, I get the same Office 2000 installer screen as when is refered to the default email client. But everything works fine for Excel, but then again not for Powerpoint…

Any suggestions for this?


pop the install software back in and try it?

xp also has a ‘mail’ group inside the control panel, but i cant speak for w2k.

Yes, Office has been reinstalled, now everything works fine again. But I still have the feeling there are other settings which control the default email client… Everybody advised me to check the file-type associations, but these were all right.

Anyway, problem solved (untill it reappears…), case closed.