W2K ASPI Problems (i think...)

I have Windows 2000, and i just bought a new Cd-rw. A Yamaha 2100EZ (16x10x40) and it dosen’t work.

actually, it dosen’t work in CDRwin. it works fine in Adaptec 4.03x (whatever the heck it is)

Is it my aspi drivers? i downloaded lots 'o fixes and none of the helped.

This is what it does:

it burns fine (or so CDRwin says) and then it ejects it. then, i push it back in, and wait for it to autoplay.

it dosen’t.

i wait, and nothing still. i click on it, and a error pops up, says “Incorrect Function”.


if your system finds it and control panel/hardware reports no errors then the aspi layer is ok, further if you can burn using some software then again all is ok. the problem is probarbly cdrwin, assuming you are using a cracked version or a serial number off the net, then that number is incorrect, this is what cdrwin does, it lets you think all is ok but spits out coasters, subtle! have a look round for a differant crack or serial number, try differant software, juggler or nero, email me if you want - tonymadams@hotmail.com

I agree with adacom.
If your new CD it’s named “CD” or “NEW” it’s the serial.

Ok, i figured out what the problem was.

Yes, it was the serial. Thank you both!

But, it was also the drive. it died two days ago.

SO, i called up yamaha, and they are sending out a new drive for me! Yay!

thanks both of you.

No probs. :slight_smile: