W00t, UFO spotted :p

Tonigt, when I got from the train, some kind of plane flew over. As I never seen such a thing before, I’m anxious to know what it was. I couldn’t get a very clear sight what it was (it was dark and cloudy) but let me give you a description:

The object looked liked it was sqaure and kinda big (about 747 size). There was one blinking red light on it (just like any plane has), three somewhat bright white lights and two search spots that where searching the ground.

I think it’s some kind of plane from the NATO, as there is a big NATO airbase near to where I live and their planes fly here all day long (they do things like communication monitoring etc)… It’s not the first time I see planes with search lights flying around.

I just can’t imagine that something looking like giant box of matches can fly (maybe my eyes were fooled by reflections of clouds?)…

Anyhow, what I want to know if there’s such a thing as I describe… any US military experts on the board?

Where do you stay?

If you’re not in the US/Britain, then it is unlikely it would be some top-secret US plane. The US is very jealous about their military technology. Only because they had to, did they relocate their top secret B2 bombers to bases in the UK and Diego Garcia (a Brit base in the Indian Ocean) for Gulf War II. Otherwise, previously, they flew them all the way from the US to Iraq and back.

Are you sure you didn’t have a drink too many? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

There are just too many unexplained things in the sky.

You probably did see a UFO. Look at Area 51. For years it was said that it was a Storage area for nuke stuff. Well how come you still can’t fly over it???

I live in the Netherlands. The NATO airbase I’m talking about is close to a little place called Brunssum.

I’m not really sure wether I believe in UFO’s or not… for now I don’t think I do…

might have been a “Borg Cube” hehe:eek:

Maybe it was an AWACS plane? With a NATO base near, it’s very obvious it’s at least an army plane. (Many UFO’s have been spotted near army bases if i’m not mistaken - I don’t really follow it, I don’t believe in Aliens on planet earth - yet)

@Domi: no it wasn’t an AWACS plane… those AWACS planes fly here all day long (one every 20min I believe) and I know how they look and sound :slight_smile:

Any chance you managed to hear what its engines sounded like? Was the aircraft hovering or flying straight?

The lights you saw on a plane are normal for helping other pilots gauge how big the one they are seeing is, especially at night. Same as those red lights on towers. But there isn’t much point putting ground searchlights on a normal plane. They can’t hover in the air or have a sharp turn radius, either.

So if you’re certain it was ground searchlights you saw, then that leaves 4 aircraft type possibilities; a balloon, a VSTOL aircraft (like the Harrier or Osprey), a helicopter, or some drone being tested (a UAV). The latter is very unlikely and the 2nd less likely because of the size you mentioned. Which probably just leaves the Osprey or balloon.

Sidenote: The Osprey was a nice concept, but flawed.

I too once saw a wierd thing (but on the ground) I couldn’t describe. This was several months ago when I was flying to Australia to visit some family from the UK. The flight flew over the Pakistan-Afghanistan region, it was dusk at that time.

On the desert, I saw a formation of lights. Not city lights…if you’ve been in a plane and saw a city from it you’d know how the lights are: they are densely packed with no pattern (maybe apart from street lights).

These lights were arranged in a very orderly manner (actually in sort of a chessboard form) with the distances between the lights being large, at least several kilometres. Too bad I didn’t have my camera handy.

The engines sounded like normal jet engines, but with slightly more noise (the plane was flying rather low I guess). The aircraft was making a huge turn, that I know for sure. I don’t know wethering it was hovering or not…

I’m very positive about the searchlights. There where two of them, that could be seen easily due to the somewhat bad weather (lots of moist in the air, so lots of reflections)…

Cue the twilight zone music…

If you start seeing black helicopters, watch out for the men in black…

My guess is that it is probably a transport aircraft of some description making a landing, re-doing an aborted landing or letting troops practise low-altitude parachuting techniques. As to why it is square…maybe it was some kind of optical illusion?

I don’t claim to be an aircraft expert but even experts have problems differentiating aircraft in the best lighting conditions with good optics. At night? Not so easy without the best optics and some very experienced aircraft watchers.