W0000t got me a **new** computer!

Have a look… my new computer!

I once had one of those (the 1978 model btw, this is the 1987 model; functionality is identical) as a little boy… and I still love it :slight_smile:

Any more fans here?


I want one!
I still have the joysticks for my old 2600 :wink:

I just run Stella on my PC when I need my fix…

/me was raised with a Sinclair ZX Specturm , not an Atari 2600.

It looks nice , but i just emulate it via my Xbox :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well my Xbox can do Atari2600 games as well, but I just had to have this one… makes me feel young once again :slight_smile:

I know EXACTLY how you feel Dee. I’ve recently got a NES and have been collecting games for it. I think Atari will be next. Honestly, there is nothing like playing the original game on the original system. Takes ya back. Emulation just isn’t the same I tells ya!

I got the games on GBA. That’s really really really old school. How much did you pay?

For the entire set (4 games, computer and one joystick, all fully working) I payed about $8. Not too much eh? :slight_smile:

Still can’t beat my BBC Micro with a cassette player for the input. Anyone remember Barrage. Where can I get a copy for the PC. I loved that game.

It is when you rebuild the original controller and enable scanlines… looks just like the TV. But since I play on my LCD if I rebuild the zapper gun it won’t work…darn

But I particualrly like the idea that you can play multiplayer and run a server and play Contra with a friend who lives in cali while I am here in NY.


He, i’m an Amiga guy:D, although I can’t remember it too well because I was quite small back then I knew it was a great machine:D

Oooh… Amiga… brings back memories of computer gatherings where i would hear “DING !” of Xopy III continously :Z :Z

ROFL I know that feeling Mr.B.

Go the nibble copy :wink:

Spectrum 128+ was my first machine, the + model had a built in tape player top that! I used to code BASIC on my sinclair ZX81 I had lying around…ahh the good old days can’t beat them. Then ‘upgraded’ to an Atari 520ST with stunt car racer bundled, quality game that. Never really did understand the 1bit sounds it used to make but a pucker games machine. Used 3.5" floppies rather than that commadore 64 crap :smiley:

The worst experiences though were once i got my first PC … a nifty 286 with Vga (3000 guilders machine). Within a few months everyone was playing .MOD files , firing up ScreamTracker3 and soldering their own Covox lpt->audio interface. And we all loved it.

All those Amiga users were pointing and laughing , because they had .MOD files first and pc-folk were just followers. But ScreamTracker3 was compatible with the all-mighty AdLib (which barely was used in games and much more in intro’s and cracktro’s ). FutureCrew hopped from Amiga to PC and showed the capabilities of the personal computer. Amiga was doomed to suck. And still Xcopy III produced … “DING !” every fucking meeting !!

But then… came VgaCopy … with it’s builtin modplayer (who the fuck wants to hear music inside a diskcopy utility ?) and the world was a happy place once more.

Meeeemorriieees… (sigh)

LOL I just know how you feel…

I remember building my own covox… I remember the sounds of XCopy III (at our club, there was this one guy who build his Amiga in a case with an amplifier and a set of car speakers… and all he did was copying disks all day long…!).

VGACopy? That one ruined so much dat… although I still use it sometimes to (partially) fix bad disks :).

Perhaps it’s a good idea to start an Amiga thread? I’d have to get me one first though :slight_smile: